Giles Lamb, Creative director,

A founding director  of Savalas Sound, Film and TV composer, sound designer and pianist with a background in music psychology.


Micheal Mackinnon

A founding director of Savalas.  Micheal is a music composer, producer, mixer and foley artist.  Micheal has composed, mixed and produced music and sound for a TV commercials games and films since the early 90’s and it shows.

Kahl Henderson

A founding director of Savalas.  Kahl runs Savalas sound post facility and is a composer, sound designer and mixer.  Kahl has been an instrumental and highly talented part of Savalas success.

Douglas Macdougall

Award winning sound designer and supervising sound editor.  Douglas has created the sound track to many feature films games and documentaries

Chris Sinclair

Re recording mixer and music producer.  Chris recorded and mixed music for 10 years in New Zealand before coming to Scotland.  Chris mixes commercials, TV and feature films as well as being a musician and music engineer.

Alan Geddes,

Director of Savalas since 2002, as well as a core part of the management team, Alan has researched sonic branding, using sound in the context of a broader marketing strategy.  Alan is a talented guitarist involved in online music education.


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